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This is something I wanted to do since a very long time. I was always fascinated by all the stories that I had heard of Shivaji Maharaj in my childhood and school curriculum. Being born in a Maratha family and native place being “Murud Harnai”, there were numerous occasions when I came across monuments or places which had a long history having roots going till the Great Shiva Maharaj Period. One of the most fascinating place for me was the fort in Harnai which I had been watching all my childhood but never got a chance to actually visit it, reason being; this fort called as Suvarna Durga, is surrounded by sea water on all four sides and the only access is local fishing boats. It was impossible for me to convince anyone in my family to take me there, also all my village friends were used to it and never had my level of curiosity. Unfortunately I never even got a chance to visit other forts which are actually accessible by road transport. So basically the fascination & curiosity stayed for a very long time.

Finally the day had come when this fascination was about to turn into reality. It was in 1996 when I got a chance to go for a trek with friends, this was a small fort near Karjat called Peth Fort. We had been there in mid-week, those were vacation days and had ample time go around. That was the first time I had seen any fort, to be honest, I was utterly disappointed coz all I could see were some caves, artificial ponds and trees. This is definitely something I was not expecting, however one thing appealed me, it was the fresh air rushing through those leaves and the sudden silence which freaked every one of us all that night.

Although this experience disappointed me a little bit, it also created more curiosity about what that place could have been, say 200 years ago. Well that curiosity dragged me a little bit more towards history of Shivaji Maharaj. I wanted to know more about it but there was another problem, I was not a book person which of course changed over the period. This quest of visiting forts continued and it also did add some information in my memory bank.

I would like to share my experiences on this Blog and would also like to put in as much information as possible I can get on Shivaji Maharaj. I do want people to share their experiences and stories/facts about Shivaji Maharaj here but as you know this a very sensitive topic, which is why I would not like to give direct access to anyone on this blog.

Contributors are most welcome. If anyone wishes to be a contributor on this website please mail me your details on hemant [at] and I will create a login for you.\nI would like to go through all the posts and comments before being displayed on the website, I hope you understand the intensity & density of it ;)

I am sure everyone is aware that there are variants of stories on a single incident mentioned in our history books. All I would like to say is that this website is just about gathering every bit of information about Shivaji Maharaj & his deeds or anything relevant to him.

This website is a tribute to the Great King, I hope that every reader understands this and keeps the spirit of this Blog alive.

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